Our mission is to Make Everyday Cooking Fun.

This is because we believe that cooking is the key to a happier and healthier life for people, communities, and the planet. The choices we make shape our world. And when we cook, the choices we make have an impact on ourselves, the people we cook for, the growers and producers we buy from, and the wider environment. By building a platform that solves the issues related to everyday cooking and helps more people to cook, we believe we can help build a better world.

At the Research and Development department, we research technologies that support home cooks and make daily cooking more fun. And though we use deep learning and smart devices, we avoid solutions where technology does the task instead of a person. Instead, we build technology that enhances the experience for the cook, allowing them to focus on the cooking process, notice what they might have otherwise missed, and improve their cooking skills.

Preparing food is a skill that is deeply ingrained in the essence of humanity, like using tools and forming communities. The focus of R&D is to create tools that make cooking fun and connect people to communities by sharing the joy of home cooking.



Where we are

Located in South West England, Bristol is a city with a long tradition of being the home of innovation and technological progress: from intercontinental steam-powered vessels to suspension bridges. With two major universities, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, Bristol is no stranger to exciting research. Having been named Britain’s most sustainable city in 2008, Bristol is full of greenery, riverside views, and is a great place to live and work. A perfect location for an environment-minded company like Cookpad.

Our office is within easy access to the Bristol Shopping Quarter, Castle Park, St. Nicholas Market, as well as Bristol Temple Meads station.

Please see our corporate website for address and contact information.

Our Team

We’re a small, but dynamic team of researchers and engineers with backgrounds in computer vision, natural language processing, electrical engineering, dev-ops and machine learning theory. We frequently collaborate with the Cookpad Search team and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. We have a culture of sharing knowledge: we hold weekly paper reading sessions, publish papers ourselves, attend global conferences, and contribute to open source.

Our work style is flexible and family-friendly: some of us work remotely most days of the week, while others work from our office, all managing their work hours freely. Our fully-stocked office kitchen is a definite incentive to come to the office and cook lunch.

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