Natural Language Processing

A lot of information in a recipe is in the form of text. Therefore, Natural Language Processing is very important for us at Cookpad. For example, recipe search, recipe classification, and recipe summarization developed by Cookpad embody the information retrieval, document classification, and automatic summarization that are all applications of Natural Language Processing. To realize these, it is necessary to develop basic technologies of Natural Language Processing such as morphological analysis, named entity recognition, and synonymous expression recognition for the recipe domain. In this way, the R&D department studies Natural Language Processing from both basic and applied aspects, and supports the development of the company’s mission of “Make Everyday Cooking Fun”.

Our Activity

A neat example of the magic of Machine Learning
27 Mar 2018
by EvanderD Details
Using Skip-Thought Vectors
16 Mar 2018
by Ammar Zaher Details


山口泰弘, 深澤祐援, 原島純
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深澤祐援, 西川荘介, 原島純
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レシピ解析の現状と課題: Cookpad Parsed Corpus を例として
平松淳, 原島純
言語処理学会第27回年次大会論文集 (NLP2021)

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